Babies By the Half Dozen!

Yesterday I had a reunion celebrating the births of a recent childbirth class series. This group of parents was a totally fun group to have in class, engaged, asking questions, having lively discussions and forming a community amongst themselves as the weeks progressed. Sometimes I think the most important thing I can offer expectant families is this sense of community! They formed a google group at the end of class, shared birth stories and pictures, made some pizza dates and met for coffee, before and after the babies arrived! By the time I met all the babies at the reunion, they had gotten together several times and shared advice and wisdom as they learned along with their newborns.

Could these little babes be any cuter?

Could these little babes be any cuter?

I was so happy to hear the birth stories (these women are strong!) and was so proud at how confidently they moved in the world of the new parent, and so willingly shared their tips and tricks with each other.

It takes a village, and these families were creating it right in front of my eyes! Plans are underway for more meetings in the future, and a slew of emails went back and forth today with more things to share.

Events like this remind me how much I love my job!