Get Ready For Your Rocking VBAC! (vaginal birth after cesarean)

As you and your partner get ready to have your VBAC with this baby, think how better prepared you will be with a wonderful, experiential refresher especially designed for VBAC mamas! Spend just one day focusing on this baby and connecting with your partner, in the company of other families having the same experience. Remind yourself about the stages and phases of labor, tips on preparing the sibling(s) at home for a new baby, things you can do in labor to help with back pain and the OP baby, including prenatal positions and exercises to get the little one lined up correctly before labor starts, local hospital protocols for VBAC women, choices and options that can help you succeed, and current research about the safety of VBAC births. Get a chance to experience a labor simulation, where you try a variety of coping skills and techniques, identifying what might work for you on the big day!

Falling in love after a fantastic VBAC!

Falling in love after a fantastic VBAC!

You will leave class at the end of the day confident and assured that you are strong, you are capable, your body and your baby know what to do and you can succeed!

The day is full of useful information, lively discussion and practical tips all intended to prepare you for a successful vaginal birth after a cesarean.

Check out the VBAC page on my website for more information and 2009 class dates, comments from prior students and shoot me an email if you are interested. Next class is March 21st! Space is limited. I look forward to having you in class.