“I Thought It Was Okay To Say Vagina?”

My current hospital-based childbirth series has been a lot of fun. The 10 couples in the class are engaged, 296660035_5caa6cc01d4participatory and very funny. I am enjoying this group! Wednesday, I was teaching and before we started talking about pain medications, I asked the class if they thought childbirth “had to hurt?” One guy raised his hand and said, “Of course it hurts, there is a baby ripping and tearing through your vagina!”
The class collectively inhaled sharply, and there was silence. “What???,” he inquired, “I thought it was okay to say vagina in this class?” I held in my laugh, and politely informed him, “It was the ripping and tearing part that got us!” We went on to have a great talk about the power and purpose of pain! I love my job!