Breastmilk is best, even from another mama!

I just received a heads up that the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank is now open for business and can receive donated breastmilk! Their donor depot is located in Newberg, OR. They are intently looking to open other donor depots in the Northwest, so I expect that we may see one closer to Seattle soon! At this time, they are still getting set up to have milk available for babies in need here in the Northwest. Until that happens, the donor milk will be shipped to their partner, Mothers Milk Bank of Colorado. There was a great article in The Oregonian about this wonderful news that highlighted a premature baby who greatly benefited from donor milk!

I think this is such a great thing, women who have an abundance of milk can share the excess and babies in need can benefit from the absolute best food for them! Northwest Mothers Milk Bank is also working hard to get insurance companies to cover the cost of donated breastmilk, after all, it is just as lifesaving as medication!
Over the years, I have informally helped clients of mine exchange milk, when a mama needed some extra and other women had a surplus! And I was so awed and appreciative that the women I support are so giving and unselfish with something that they work so hard to produce! I look forward to being able to refer clients to the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank in the future, both as a place to donate extra and a supply for those who need it!

If you are a mama with extra breastmilk, consider contacting the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank and letting them know you have breastmilk to share. And update us here, about the process, so others can be inspired to do the same. It takes a village, I always say, and I am proud to be a part of mine!