Breastfeeding Resources At Your Fingertips!

I was just reading the current edition of the Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington’s newsletter and was thrilled to read about a great breastfeeding resource for childbirth educators, doulas and lactation consultants and couldn’t wait to share! Imagine, all the breastfeeding resources, research, tips, suggestions, care practices and breastfeeding links you could ever want, conveniently located on your iPhone or smart phone! breasfeeding_symbol

The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition has developed and provided for free, an iPhone or Palm OS application called Breastfeeding Management, a reference for supporting breastfeeding mothers! Did I mention this was free! What a bounty of information! I have already installed it on my iPhone and am amazed at the wealth of resources I now have handy for those postpartum visits with new moms! Go check it out, install it yourself and see how helpful it can be. I always say that I think breastfeeding is the next big challenge after birth, and women can use all the support and help they can to make sure the breastfeeding relationship starts out strong and stays that way! Do your part to help with this handy tool right in your pocket!

And while you are at it, did you know that there is an international symbol for breastfeeding that states “Breastfeeding welcomed here!” The purpose of an international symbol for breastfeeding is to increase public awareness of breastfeeding, to provide an alternative to the use of a baby bottle image to designate baby friendly areas in public, and to mark breastfeeding friendly facilities. The winning image was designed by Matt Daigle of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Matt is a stay-at-home dad, freelance graphic designer, and cartoonist. Matt and his wife Kay are the parents of one-year-old son Hayden.

The breastfeeding symbol is available copyright free. Matt has signed it over to the Public Domain. You can download a variety of formats of the International Breastfeeding Symbol here. Think about downloading it and posting it on your website, printing it out and hanging it in your classroom, on your car bumper, in your clinic or office, the storefront window of your business, anywhere you feel it is important to say “Breastfeeding Moms Rock!”