I believe that continuing education and maintaining my certifications are critical to maintaining my skills as a birth doula, a childbirth educator and as a trainer of new doulas and educators.  I attend conferences, present to international audiences, and participate in learning opportunities whenever possible.  I have hundreds and hundreds of hours of additional learning beyond my initial training in 2004.

Birth Doula and Childbirth Education Professional Training & Continuing Education

01/2004 Seattle Midwifery School Labor Support Course
03/2004 Seattle Midwifery School Childbirth Educator Training
03/2006 REACHE Conference: Real Life with Babies
04/2006 PALS Doulas Certification
07/2006 DONA International Birth Doula Certification
09/2006 DONA International Doula Trainer Training with Penny Simkin
10/2006 DONA International Approved Doula Trainer
11/2006 Gottman Institute Bringing Baby Home Instructor Certification
03/2007 REACHE Conference: Epidural Realities
10/2007 Passion for Birth Childbirth Educator Inservice: The Challenge of Being Interactive While Still Covering Everything
01/2008 When Survivors Give Birth: Counseling Skills and Strategies to Assist Pregnant Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Preparing for Birth Workshop with Penny Simkin
01/2008 More Than Coming Out of Birth Alive: Exploring the Psychosocial Impact of Early Life Experiences & Today’s Maternity Care Practices on Childbearing Women Workshop with Penny Simkin
03/2008 Advanced Doula Training: When A Baby Dies-What To Do?
04/2008 Second Swedish Medical Center Breastfeeding Conference: A Practical and Evidenced-Based Update
04/2008 REACHE Conference: Exploring the Forces Behind the Cesarean Epidemic
06/2008 Lamaze International Childbirth Educator Certification (LCCE)
09/2008 Advanced Doula Training: Rebozo Training for Doulas
09/2008 Lamaze International Webinar: Marketing Your Childbirth Education Classes
06/2009 Basics of Breastfeeding for Doulas
04/2009 REACHE Conference: Why Are We All So Afraid? How Fear and Risk Impact Birth
06/2009 Presenter PALS Advanced Doula Training: Supporting the Journey and Avoiding the Obstacles: Helping Your VBAC Clients
07/2009 DONA International Birth Doula Recertification
09/2009 Advanced Doula Training:The OP Fetus-How Little We Know-with Penny Simkin
09/2009 Advanced Doula Training: TENS Use in Labor with Penny Simkin
10/2009 Presenter at Lamaze International Conference: Topic: Working Your Magic: The Educator’s Role in Reducing the Fear of Pain
10/2009 Lamaze International Conference, Orlando, FL
11/2009 Advanced Doula Training: Breastfeeding 201: What Every Doula Needs To Know
11/2009 Passion for Birth Lamaze CBE Trainer Training
11/2009 Placental Encapsulation Workshop
01/2010 TENS Trainer Training With Penny Simkin
02/2010 Advanced Doula Training: Hypnobirthing Support Techniques For Doulas
05/2010 Midwives of WA Spring Conference: Michael Klein, MD, Part 1: Midwives and Home Birth in British Columbia—History and Outcomes, Part 2: Confusion on the Maternity Floor: How Can We See Birth So Differently?
05/2010 Lamaze International Webinar: Birthing Ethics: What You Should Know About The Ethics of Childbirth
05/2010 Open Adoption Training for Doulas: Working with Birth Parents and Adoptive Families
09/2010 Advanced Doula Training: Politics, Boundaries and Change
10/2010 Presenter at Lamaze International/ICEA Mega Conference: Topic: Supporting the Journey, Avoiding the Obstacles: Teaching Dynamic VBAC Classes
10/2010 Lamaze International/ICEA Mega Conference, “Future of Birth” Milwaukee, WI
10/2010 A Day With the Experts of Mother Baby Care, Northwest Hospital Continuing Ed
10/2010 Marketing to a New Generation of Parents: Success as a Childbirth Business Owner, Coalition to Improve Maternity Services (CIMS)
10/2010 Cook Counter-pressure Techniques for Labor and Pushing
11/2010 The Business of Being A Doula- PALS Doulas Advanced Doula Training
11/2010 Becoming the Greatest Trainer: Seven Strategies for Adding Value and Making a Difference in Turbulent Times
12/2010 Lamaze International Webinar:Becoming Baby-Friendly: Strategies Creating a Culture that Promotes Successful Breastfeeding
03/2011 REACHE Conference: Teach Better Now: In the Classroom, Across the Kitchen Table & At the Bedside
05/2011 Midwives Association of WA Spring Conference with Ina May Gaskin, Penny Simkin and Karen Hays
005/2011 UWMC Grand Rounds with Ina May Gaskin; Midwifery Techniques That Facilitate Vaginal Birth
05/2011 Childbirth Education: Using Technology to Reach Today’s Parents Webinar
06/2011 Lamaze International Childbirth Educator Recertification (LCCE)
07/2011 Social Media Networking – Tools for Success Lamaze Webinar
09/2011 INJOY Innovative Teaching Techniques for Comfort Strategies Webinar
09/2011 Admitted as a Fellow in the American College of Childbirth Educators (FACCE)
11/2011 DONA International Webinar: A “How To” Tutorial on Third Party Reimbursement for Doula Services
11/2011 Midwives Association of Washington Fall Conference
11/2011 Supporting LGBTQ Families: Cultural Competency and Birth and Family Professionals.
11/2011 Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others with Laura van Dernoot Lipsky
12/2011 Birth Reports: Steering Your Classes in the Right Direction, Lamaze International Webinar
02/2012 Nutrition During Pregnancy Dr. Sears LEAN Webinar
02/2012 Extraordinary Babies: Extraordinary Support; Injoy Webinar on Breastfeeding and the Premature Baby
03/2012 DONA International Recertification Webinar
03/2012 REACHE Annual Conference: Business * Birth * Baby * Breast; What You Don’t Already Know
04/2012 Evidence Based Hospital Breastfeeding Support QI Initiative Web Conference
04/2012 Keep It Simple; What Mothers & Babies Already Know, How They Think & Why This Matters! Christina Smillie
04/2012 Safe Family Sleeping Arrangements: Evidence based research to support safe sleeping teaching strategies
05/2012 Appointed Lamaze International Community Manager and writer for Science & Sensibility
05/2012 Midwives Association of Washington Spring Conference: Eliminating Disparities in Maternity Care Together
05/2012 Lamaze International Community Manager; Science and Sensibility Blog
07/2012 Lamaze Webinar: Birthing Ethics: What You Should Know About the Ethics of Childbirth with Dr. Raymond De Vries
07/2012 Presenter at the 2012 DONA International Conference, The  Virtual Doula
Paperwork Tips and Tricks
, Cancun, Mexico
07/2012 DONA International Birth Doula Recertification
07/2012 PALS Doulas Birth Doula Recertification
08/2012 Lamaze Webinar: “Moms, Babies, Milk and the Law: Legal and Ethical Issues When Teaching Breastfeeding” with Liz Brooks
09/2012 La Leche League of WA Health Care Professional Seminar
11/2012 WSHA-Partnership for Patients Collaboration: Safe Table Safe Obstetrical Care
11/2012 International Lactation Consultant Association Webinar:New Perspectives on Breastfeeding and Alcohol
11/2012 Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns: Reducing Early Elective Deliveries
11/2012 Lamaze International’s Push for Your Baby Nurse & Educator Webinar: Arming Women with the Tools to Push for the Safest, Healthiest Birth Possible
12/2012 Secrets from a Postpartum Doula: Newborn Care and Soothing Techniques: Injoy Webinar
12/2012 Social Media for ChildBirth Educators
01/2013 How to Create and Deliver Engaging, Lively Webinars
03/2013 Maternity Care and Shared Decision Making: Working Together to Improve Care for Mothers and Babies
03/2013 REACHE Conference: Just Passing Through; Is It All About the Pelvis with Katy Bowman, Penny Simkin and Gail Tully
04/2013 Family Centered Cesarean Birth Webinar
04/2013 Great Starts Consulting Instructor
04/2013 Getting the Most out of Your Hospital Tour: A Lamaze International Parent Event
05/2013 InJoy Webinar: Working with Teens: What Are They Thinking
05/2013 Listening to Mothers III: New Results and Trends from the National Survey of Women’s Childbearing Experiences
05/2013 Presenter at Midwives Association of Washington Spring Conference, Top Ten Rebozos Uses for Midwives
05/2013 How to Teach Evidence-Based Classes and Still Keep Your Job Lamaze Webinar
09/2013 New Horizons in Lactation with Kathleen Kendall-Tackett
09/2013 Are We Listening To Mothers? Key Findings from the Listening To Mothers III Survey
10/2013 Lamaze International 2013 Annual Conference: Let the Good Times Roll for Safe and Healthy Birth
10/2013 Presenter at Lamaze International Conference: Birthing Your Online Presence Preconference Workshop
10/2013 Presenter: Lamaze International Conference: Teaching to the Plugged In Mom; Using Digital Tools in the Classroom
10/2013 Presenter: Lamaze International Conference: Cesarean YOUR Way; A New Approach to Families Planning a Cesarean
10/2013 UWMC Ground Rounds: Religion in Obstetrics/Gynecology
10/2013 Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) 2013 Conference; Birthing Social Change
10/2013 VBAC: Updating Students on Evidence and Practice Guidelines
11/2013 Making the Most of Your Childbirth Education Business: Professional tips for managing your small business.
11/2013 Contemporary Labor Management; UWMC Grand Rounds
11/2013 The MotherBaby Transition – Management of 3rd and 4th Stages – Penny Simkin
12/2013 Isis Webinar;Twin Pregnancies: Updates in Care
2/2014 Reaching Students Earlier: The Imperative for Good Outcomes
4/2014 WSHA Safe Table – Safe Deliveries
4/2014 Six is the New Four: A Review of the Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery Consensus Report
5/2014 Helping Parents Prepare their Child and their Relationship for a New Baby
5/2014 New ACOG Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery Guidelines: Do They Raise More Questions Than Answers? with Penny Simkin
7/2014 What Men Need in Labor & Isn’t It Time We Cared? – Amy Gilliland PhD
9/2014 Lamaze International/DONA International Conference: Flowing Together for Safe, Healthy Birth and Beyond. Kansas, City, MO
9/2014 Presenter – Lamaze International/DONA International Conference “Meeting the Needs of the Digital Age Mother: Online Resources that Enhance Your Birth Business”
1/2015 Promoting Healthy Physiologic Birth in the U.S.- Webinar with Sarah Buckley, MD
2/2015 Washington State Hospital Association: Safe Table on Safe Deliveries
3/2015 Webinar:VBAC Friendly or Just VBAC Tolerant? Determining If Your Provider Is Right for You
3/2015 The Late Preterm Infant:Supportive Breastfeeding Strategies w/Michelle Kinne IBCLC
3/2015 Partogram for Active Management of Labor – Grand Rounds UWMC
3/2015 “Make It Work! Breastfeeding Tips for the Working Mom” – Lamaze International Webinar
4/2015 Presenter:”Unexpected Outcomes and the Doula Role” and “Ready, Set, Rebozo” Inland NW Doula Network, Spokane, WA
5/2015 Presenter: “TENS in the Toolbox” Seattle, WA
6/2015 “Utilizing the New Lamaze Mobile App – Pregnancy to Parenting” – Lamaze International Webinar
6/2015 Presenter: “Supporting the Journey, Avoiding the Obstacles”, PALS Doulas, Seattle, WA
7/2015 Presenter- “Supporting the Journey, Avoiding the Obstacles- Working with VBAC Clients”, “TENS in the Toolbox”, and “Ready, Set, Rebozo” Louisville, Birth Care Network, Louisville, KY
07/2015 DONA International Birth Doula Recertification
09/2015 Lamaze International/ICEA 2015 Joint Conference: Raising the Stakes for Evidence-Based & Education in Childbirth
09/2015 Presenter at Lamaze International/ICEA 2015 Joint Conference: Social Media Smarts: Strategic Online Marketing for the Busy Childbirth Professional Preconference Workshop
09/2015 Presenter: Lamaze International/ICEA 2015 Joint Conference: Getting on Google’s Good Side: Top SEO Strategies For Getting Found Online
09/2015 Presenter: Lamaze International/ICEA 2015 Joint Conference: Cesarean YOUR Way: Develop a Great Class For Families Planning Cesareans
09/2015 Awarded 2015 Lamaze International Media Award
10/2015 Safe Reduction of Primary Cesarean Birth: Supporting Intended Vaginal Birth
10/2015 Lamaze International Webinar: Reaching More Students: Effective Marketing for Childbirth Educators
11/2015 Lamaze International Webinar: Be an Evidence-Based Practice Expert: Finding the Facts Behind Breastfeeding Beliefs
12/2015 Lamaze International Webinar: The Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing: Key Concepts for Childbirth Educators with Sarah Buckley, MD
01/2016 DONA International Doula Trainer Retreat: Presenter: Moving Beyond the Facts: Effective Doula Training Strategies in Support of Evidence Based Birth
03/2016 What Does Today’s Research Say? Helping Expectant Parents Understand Evidence-Based Care
03/2016 REACHE Conference Presenter:Moving Beyond the Facts: Equipping Families with Tools for an Evidence Based Labor & Birth
04/2016 Spinning Babies 8 hour with Gail Tully
07/2016 DONA International 2016 Annual Conference – Presenter: Doctors, Doulas and Decisions: Helping Clients to Successfully Navigate Choice
07/2016 DONA International 2016 Annual Conference – Presenter: Thriving not just Surviving: Strategies for Staying Sane While On-Call
08/2016 BEST PRACTICE: Managing Early Feeding Challenges
08/2016 CMQCC Webinar-Introduction to the Toolkit to Support Vaginal Birth and Reduce Primary Cesareans
08/2016 Breastfeeding and Partnerships: Improving African American Breastfeeding Rates
08/2016 DONA International Trainer Reapproval
09/2016 The Significance of Childbirth to the Birthing Person with Penny Simkin, PT, BA
09/2016 Certified Lactation Educator: Foundations for Best Practice in Lactation Care
09/2016 Dads Experience Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Too! Perinatal Support Washington
10/2016 Evidence Based Care: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How to Help Families Find It – Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN
10/2016 Lamaze International 2016 Annual Conference – Presenter: Blogging with Confidence – Conquer Your Fear of Writing
10/2016 Lamaze International 2016 Annual Conference – Moving Beyond the Facts: Equipping Families with Tools for an Evidence Based Labor & Birth
04/2017 LGBT-Inclusive Obstetrics and Nursing Support (L.I.O.N.S.)
06/2017 CMQCC Induction of Labor – Risk, Benefits and Techniques for Increasing Success
06/2017 Breastfeeding is Food Sovereignty
07/2017 Steps Toward Achieving Birth Equity & Reducing Maternal and Infant Mortality Among Black Women
07/2017 Six Ways to Help Your VBAC Clients Avoid the Bait & Switch
07/2017 Safety Action Series: Implementing the Safe Reduction of Primary Cesarean Bundle
08/2017 Reproductive Justice and Black Women’s Maternal Health