Is there a high likelihood that you will be birthing your baby (babies) by cesarean section?  Do the “standard” childbirth classes offered in our area not feel quite right given your situation.  Please join me for a class designed just for families who will have a cesarean birth.

At the end of class, you and your partner will:

  • Feel more confident that you know all your options and what to expect before, during and after the surgery.
  • Create a customized cesarean birth plan, making choices that feel good to your family, and are “do-able” during the procedure.
  • Leave with a recovery, postpartum and breastfeeding plan specially designed for cesarean moms
  • Have partner learn tips and techniques to help connect mom and baby during the cesarean birth and in recovery.
  • Feel prepared about your upcoming birth and ready to create positive memories.
  • Spend time learning with other families who are going to have a cesarean birth too,  sharing concerns and ideas for a positive experience for everyone.

natalieeInteractive activities, connection with your partner, confidence and practical tips are all shared in a light-hearted manner, along with best practices and evidence based facts on how to make this birth the best cesarean possible. You will leave feeling more confident and encouraged that your child’s birth will be meaningful and special, no matter how they are arriving.

Muza Education Center, (MEC), 7715 24th Ave NW, Second Floor, Seattle

This class is currently available as a private offering, customized for your personal situation.  You are welcome to invite family and other support people to join along with you and your partner.

Please contact me to schedule your private class