Private Childbirth Classes
Instilling Confidence
and Community

Private childbirth classes are a convenient option for those families who find that “traditional” childbirth classes do not meet their needs:

  • those families with non-traditional work hours, who are busy in the evening or on weekends
  • people on bedrest
  • extremely busy professionals whose work schedules do not allow for extended time in class
  • families with children at home
  • families with transportation issues
  • circumstances that make attending a traditional class awkward or unappealing

DSC_0028I can listen carefully to your needs and deliver a compact, efficient childbirth class perfectly designed for your learning style and interests.  Hands on practice, interesting learning techniques and “need to know” information delivered in a creative manner can be efficiently conducted in my office, the comfortable Muza Education Center, 7715 24th Ave NW, Second Floor, Seattle or your home (for an additional $75 travel fee) on a date and time that work for YOU!

Invite your support team to join us, so they too can be ready to help you and your partner cope through effectively during labor and birth!  Everyone will be ready and excited for the big day!.  My private birth classes include a realistic labor simulation that helps you and your team try different coping methods to see what might work for you in labor.

Please contact me to discuss your needs and let me design the perfect private birth class just for you! My standard three to three 1/2  hour private lesson is priced at $300.  Purchase two modules and enjoy a 10% discount on the second module, ($540). All three modules are discounted 15% and run $765. Please contact me to arrange a date and time prior to registering.



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Recent private childbirth class clients had this to say about my private sessions:

“Thank you for coming to our home this weekend to share information with us.  Isaac and I both learned some interesting things in regards to child birth as well as about ourselves.  I liked the exercises where you allowed us to experiment with different methods for coping.  Very eye opening and helpful!  I think that Isaac feels a lot more sure of himself now that he has some “tools” in his toolbox to help me in labor instead of just being there.”

Charlene Parker, Seattle area private childbirth class student

My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Sharon. Because of the timing of our arrival, we asked Sharon to teach a private class in our home, which she readily obliged.  Although I have an 11yo daughter, I never learned as much nor as much of the  *really important stuff* about the childbirth process as I did from Sharon.

She was brilliant at both informing both of us about our son’s pending arrival, as well as putting us at ease.  It wasn’t just a valuable afternoon, all of us (including our doula) laughed our butts off.  I can’t think of a more informative, more enjoyable way to learn about the whole birth experience.  Thank You, Sharon, for a great class and a fantastic afternoon!

Dan Woodward, Seattle area private childbirth class student