Join together with other pregnant people as you plan for your vaginal birth after cesarean(s). Learn about options and choices that are specific to VBAC, as well as spend time connecting with this new baby in the company of families who are all birthing again after a cesarean.

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  • Practice valuable coping techniques

    Develop labor skills that will promote a safe and healthy birth and help you achieve your goals.

  • Explore VBAC Best Practices

    Learn about the most current research on VBAC. Understand what current best practice says about common protocols and procedures.

  • Examine the true risks of VBAC & Cesarean Birth

    Understanding risk helps you to make informed decisions about all your options. Gain confidence in asking for more information prenatally and during birth.

  • Expert Tips for Malpositioned Babies and Back labor

    Learn and practice tried and true techniques for repositioning babies and handling the pain of back labor.

  • Practice effective pushing positions

    Create a list of pushing positions you can use with or without an epidural. Learn how to make room in your pelvis for your baby to move down and out.

Calendar and Registration

Location:  Muza Education Center, 7715 24th Ave NW, Second Floor,  Seattle, WA 98117

Time: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Registration (Pregnant person plus one support) – $185

Additional (second) support person is $35

It is your registration and payment in full that confirms your registration.

Due to the nature of the class, the classroom layout and out of consideration for other families, please make arrangements for any other children to be cared for off site. 

Refund policy

  • As this class routinely fills with a waitlist, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel before three weeks.
  • Half the class fee will be returned if you need to cancel within three weeks of the class date.
  • There is no refund if you cancel within 48 hours of the class start time.
  • If you birth early, please contact me to discuss your situation on a case by case basis. 

Private 3 1/2 hour VBAC YOUR Way sessions are available for those with schedules or circumstances that make a private session a better fit for the family.

“Would I recommend this VBAC class?  In a heartbeat I would!”

– Seattle VBAC class participant

” …We came out energized, ready to take on anything, and feeling so connected.  I was positively giddy!…”

“We took Sharon’s VBAC class this weekend and I have to tell her (and all of you) you how much my partner and I thoroughly appreciated it.  We came out energized, ready to take on anything, and feeling so connected.  I was positively giddy!  When we got home we decided to go out to dinner w/ our son to celebrate.  He asked what we were celebrating and I said, “Saying goodbye to the old birth and welcoming the new one!”

I have talked to friends about my difficulties w/ son’s birth but none of them have really understood.  As well-meaning as they are, they just can’t get past the whole “you have a healthy baby” syndrome.  To to be in a room w/ others who *really get* what I’m feeling, *really get* why I’m feeling the way I do, *really get* why I have to cry when I speak of my son’s birth day – it was life-changing in such a good way.  I feel like I can move on now and embrace this new baby and truly prepare for its birth.  I’m sure I’ll still have moments of sadness and loss when I think of my son’s birth day, but I don’t think it’ll weigh me down as it used to.  What a release!  I feel a thousand pounds lighter!”

Kamila, Josh, Jackson and Keegan  

“…I truly felt empowered that I could birth my baby the way I wanted, and  I DID!…”

‘I wanted to tell you that I had a very successful med free VBAC last week!!  It was truly an amazing experience, and I am so glad that I took your class.  With your session,  I truly felt empowered that I could birth my baby the way I wanted, and I DID!  Our son was born after only 20 minutes of pushing and 5 hours of labor!  I am truly thankful to have had such a great VBAC session, great friends, supportive husband, and AMAZING doula and wonderful midwife!”

Kerri, Ky and family

“Sharon’s VBAC class was one of the most important things I did to prepare for my natural VBAC…”

“Sharon’s VBAC class was one of the most important things I did to prepare for my natural VBAC.  Before her class, I had done tons of preparation for natural birth and was feeling fairly confident in my abilities.  But I was still hanging onto a lot of negative feelings about my first daughter’s birth.  Being able to sit with other couples who had had the disappointments and pains of a c-section birth and just freely talk about what happened really helped me release those negative emotions.  After the class, I was finally able to let go of my feelings about my first daughter’s birth and embrace my second daughter’s birth completely.

The labor “simulation” portion of the class was also really great.  I only wish I could have practiced that more before my actual labor!  I really felt it helped me explore different options for pain management.  And I was definitely able to rule out some things that just did NOT work for me at all.  I found it pretty fascinating how different everyone’s experiences were too.

The funniest thing about the class and how releasing it was is that I actually went into labor the next morning.  So about 17 hours after walking out of the class, my labor began.  And just over 24 hours after the class, I was holding my baby girl in my arms!!  I honestly think that releasing all those negative emotions and embracing the positive is what allowed my body to go into labor then.  I was 38 weeks and 1 day on the day I gave birth to my daughter!  With my first, I hung on until 40 weeks and 3 days when I finally scheduled a c-section.  I suspect I would’ve hung on maybe up to another week even that first time – I just had so many negative emotions in my body.

Thank you so much Sharon for helping me cleanse myself of that bad experience and create a fresh new beautiful birth for my second daughter!  Would I recommend the VBAC class?  In a heartbeat I would!”

Susan and Family

Share your learning and class experience with other families who have experienced similar experiences as your family and understand the emotions and challenges of birthing again after a cesarean.