May 25, 2009

A Thank You Letter to My Clients

woman in hospital bed wearing a gown holding a new baby skin to skin

Dear Clients,

I am writing this letter to you, my clients, to thank you! Thank you for showing me strength, grace, power and absolute fortitude during the labor and birth of your beautiful daughter. I was honored to witness this fundamental power during your recent birth! It has changed me forever.

I remember when we met to discuss working together at the birth of your baby. You shared your fears, your concerns and your doubts. Tears were shed. As I got to know you, I listened as you expressed your thoughts and self doubts about your own strength. So many things to worry about, so many unknowns.

As you neared the end of your pregnancy, so many deadlines and obstacles arose that required you to prove that you and your baby were doing well. As your due date came and went, you wondered why you were still pregnant, yet you knew that your baby would choose the date of her birth. Balancing doubt and belief became a daily struggle, and you still forged on, waking up each morning, surprised that you were still pregnant. Acceptance and peace settled slowly, and you found your rhythm to wait for your daughter. thank-you

And then, labor started. Contractions regular and intense, starting as midnight drew near, needing to breathe through them and pay attention….this continued, throughout the night, with little sleep, during the day and onwards through a second night. Exhaustion was huge and the question about why things were not progressing? and still you soldiered on! Another day and evening, and then a spontaneous release of water after 48 hours, and things kicked into high gear. Active labor started and you never looked back! Strong contractions dilated your cervix and you found your groove. You got down to the hard work of birthing your baby, without complaint, without question, so calm, so intent and so intentional! The questioning, uncertain woman who expressed doubts during pregnancy was nowhere to be found. In her place, a strong, powerful woman, loose, fluid and laboring. Internal and composed. Accepting and strong.

And when things were at their most intense, you looked inside and found strength to advocate for yourself and your daughter. During the most vulnerable, most intense, final hours, you were composed and grounded! I listened and watched as you found your voice, in a way that few women do, ever in their life, never mind at 9 cm in labor! I was and continue to be in awe of your actions and thoughts and your conversations with your health care providers, speaking your mind and your intent. You are woman who can do anything! I hope that as you reflect back on this experience, you recognize how powerful and capable you are! Your daughter should grow up knowing what a strong, capable woman her mother is, and how lucky she is to have you as her mom.

Thank you for letting me support you and watch you in all your glory, as you brought forth your daughter! I am in awe of your power! Thank you!


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