September 15, 2009

Birth Song

Pregnant woman singing in labor

When I am teaching childbirth classes and doula trainings, I “sing the praises” of singing or toning in labor!  When a person opens their throat and her mouth and vocalizes, sings, chants, tones or hums during labor, it helps to keep their bottom and perineum loose and relaxed I believe that whole-heartedly.  “Loose lips, loose perineum.”

I just came across a new favorite video of a woman singing her way through transition (8-10 cm) and wanted to post it here, along with an older favorite as well!  I often show these in class and everyone clearly sees the power of the song!

Watch these two clips and enjoy the power of birth as the women sing their birth song!  And if a birth is in your future, consider adding song to your labor toolbox.

(and as a side note, I once had a very talented voice professional as a client, and prenatally, I suspected that vocalizing would be one of the things that would work for her as a coping technique in labor.  During one of our prenatal meetings, she told me that she planned to sing to help her get through the contractions.  Reality: during her unmedicated birth, there was no toning or singing!  But she did state repeatedly in a very loud, vocal manner, “My ass is gonna explode,” as she powered through a very intense transition!  Such a unique birth song!)

Sharon Muza Doula Educator Trainer



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