March 26, 2015

Birthful Podcasts – Sharon Muza Talks About Birth, Doulas and Childbirth Classes

Microphone and message board on a green background...Sharon Muza podcasts on Birthful

I have had the pleasure of being asked to speak with Adriana Lozada, remarkable podcast host on several topics over the years for her weekly podcast.  The purpose of Adriana’s weekly podcasts -“talking to maternity pros to inform your intuition.” I am always nervous at first but the time flies by and Adriana is always super easy to chat with.  Take a listen and see what you think.  These conversations are great for both birth pros and expectant families.

Sharon Muza Doula Educator Trainer



Through a deep understanding of evidence based information and best practices, a dose of humor and a respect for individual choices, I have been able to build a successful and satisfying career for almost two decades. From Birth Doula Trainings to Lamaze Childbirth Classes and TENS Machines for Labor Pain, be sure to explore my offerings to find the support you need.