December 6, 2015

Let the Coco Monkey Labor Smoothie Help You! A Great Labor Treat for Energy & Stamina

coco monkey smoothie labor

I always tell the families in my childbirth classes that labor is just like a hard day’s work. But, I also like to remind them that they have done a hard day’s work before and they surely can do it again when their labor starts and they get ready to meet their baby.

In order to be ready for labor and birth, it helps to be as rested as possible before everything starts. Once things get rolling, staying nourished and well hydrated is extremely helpful for being able to power through with all the energy and stamina needed to do the hard work ahead.

In childbirth class, we brainstorm lots of nourishing treats that the birthing person can eat that pack just the right punch of protein and carbohydrates. Some time ago, a family (Ben and Emily Delahunty) suggested the “Coco Monkey” labor smoothie as their planned “go to” labor food and shared the recipe. The other families all excitedly made plans to try it too.

As the babies started arriving and the families started sharing their birth stories with me and the class, I could see the “Coco Monkey” labor smoothie mentioned a lot! The laboring people loved it. I wasn’t surprised- it sounded both tasty and healthy. Since that original family shared their “secret” recipe with me, I have passed it on to the other families I have taught. It has been a big hit time and time again.

As you get ready to birth your baby – why don’t you consider having the ingredients on hand to make your own “Coco Monkey” smoothie? Let me know how you like it and if you find it helpful during your labor and birth. Do you have any favorite labor foods that you are hoping to try?  I would love to hear from you.

Sharon Muza Doula Educator Trainer



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