Birth Doula Workshop Policies

Please read these policies carefully. You will be asked to acknowledge that you have understood and agree to these polices when you register. I appreciate your commitment to serving families and acknowledge the financial commitment you are making along with the investment of your time.

  • Treat your training like you would a birth, with your full and undivided attention to the workshop, as if it was your laboring client.
  • Provide timely feedback and communication so that I can exceed your expectations.
  • Respect the individuality, beliefs, lived experiences and perspectives of all the participants and contribute and participate with that respect in mind.
  • You must be in attendance with your camera on for the entire workshop to receive a certificate of completion. This is a DONA International requirement.
  • Our workshop is filled with a variety of fun and engaging virtual activities. You need have access to a laptop or desktop computer, with both a working camera and microphone/speakers and a strong and reliable internet signal.  You can not attend from a phone or tablet.
  • Complete all assignments and homework in a timely manner in order to receive your certificate of completion.
  • Carefully choose the location you will be participating from. Select a quiet, well-lit location free from distractions, that offers you privacy to listen and speak.
  • Due to the nature of the material, the level of participation required and the planned activities, please make arrangements for any children to be cared for by a family member or caregiver outside of your workshop space. Nurslings are welcome for feeding times.

If you are unable to attend the workshop you are initially registered for AND you notify me at least two weeks before the workshop start date, if space is available, you may transfer to another workshop offered by me in the next 12 months ONCE for a $100 additional fee.

It is your responsibility to contact me in writing (email me) at least two weeks prior to the start of the original workshop, to request a transfer.  It is also your responsibility at this time to notify me of the replacement workshop (click here for dates) you would like to attend to determine if space is available.  Your transfer payment is what confirms your space in the new workshop.

There is no guarantee about the location or schedule of future workshops. My workshops are in high demand and I limit enrollment so that your experience is personalized and enjoyable.  I offer workshops in a variety of formats regularly throughout the year but make no guarantee that the dates or locations of future workshops are compatible with your schedule and location. It is your responsibility to find a workshop that you can attend within the next 12 month. I also reserve the right to reschedule or cancel any workshops planned for the future.

You are unable to transfer to another workshop if your request is within two weeks of the workshop start date. If you cancel within two weeks of the workshop start date, you will forfeit your registration fee in full. I limit the number of attendees and will have turned away others by this time.

Once the workshop begins, you are required to attend 100% of the workshop with full engagement.  You will not receive a certificate of completion for this workshop if you miss or are unable to engage fully in the complete and entire workshop.  

You must be in attendance for the first four hours of the workshop. If you are unable to start the workshop with your cohort, you will have have forfeited your place in the entire workshop and will need to register at full price, for a future workshop date of your choice. 

If you miss up to two hours of a workshop, you may book a private session with me at a cost of $100/hour (one hour minimum) to cover the missed content within two weeks of the end of the workshop.  It is your responsibility to reach out and schedule with me. You can schedule one hour or two hours at a time. After this is completed, you will receive your certificate of completion promptly.

If you have missed more than two total hours of any workshop, you may attend the missed session(s) in another of my workshops within the next 12 months from the missed workshop end date for a fee of $100.  If you are unable to do this, the full workshop fee is forfeited and you are required to re-enroll in a new workshop of your choice with another registration.

If you miss more than 50% of the entire workshop, you will need to participate in another complete workshop at your expense.

It is your responsibility to contact me in writing and in a timely manner, of your request to attend a future workshop if space is available.

Please reach out to me if there are extenuating circumstances I should be aware of. I have full and final authority to modify these terms on a case by case basis. Your request for a modification due to extenuating circumstances does not indicate that there will be any modifications applied. 

A package consisting of the doula manual, a supplementary manual, an activity bag for the workshop, and some tools for your doula bag will be mailed to the address you register with in advance of the workshop.  It is your responsibility to provide an address that is secure and where you reliably receive packages. The package will be shipped with a tracking number that you will receive to your email address. If your materials are delivered (as documented by the USPS) and you are unable to locate them, you are responsible for the cost of a replacement set of materials, which is $50, to be sent to you.  It is your responsibility to inform Sharon Muza in a timely manner that the materials did not arrive.

Sharon Muza Review

"Sharon's passion for her work is as evident as her dedication to an evidence-based curriculum, yet leaving space for questioning and creativity. Anyone who has the fortune to learn from her will be well set up to start a career in birth work. Last but not least, Sharon has invaluable advice on the business aspect of this work. Thank you for all you do, Sharon! Looking forward to attending future trainings you teach."