Prepare for Birth

coco monkey smoothie labor
Prepare for Birth

Let the Coco Monkey Labor Smoothie Help You! A Great Labor Treat for Energy & Stamina

I always tell the families in my childbirth classes that labor is just like a hard day’s work. But, I also like to remind them that they have done a ...
Microphone and message board on a green background...Sharon Muza podcasts on Birthful
Prepare for Birth

Birthful Podcasts – Sharon Muza Talks About Birth, Doulas and Childbirth Classes

I have had the pleasure of being asked to speak with Adriana Lozada, remarkable podcast host on several topics over the years for her weekly podcast.  The purpose of ...
Doulas All Births
Prepare for Birth

Doulas Are for Every Kind of Birth

This post was written by me for Giving Birth with Confidence - the Lamaze International blog for parents and originally appeared there on March 18, 2015. A birth doula is ...
Pregnant woman singing in labor
Prepare for Birth

Birth Song

When I am teaching childbirth classes and doula trainings, I "sing the praises" of singing or toning in labor!  When a person opens their throat and her mouth and vocalizes, ...
stopwatch marking seven minutes of labor
Prepare for Birth

Can You Spare Seven Minutes? A Great Coping Technique for Labor

I was reading one of the many birth blogs I follow, and came across this wonderful HBAC (Home Birth After Cesarean) birth story about a strong woman who worked very ...
Doctor wearing a blue glove and holding up their hand in a stop motion
Prepare for Birth

Keep Your Pants On!

I read a great blog post today by a Certified Nurse Midwife about the usefulness (or actually, the possible emotional harm!) of vaginal exams prior to the beginning of labor. ...