Instilling Confidence and Community for professionals

MEC Meetup

This free monthly meeting is a great opportunity to connect with other professionals, network, ask questions and share resources. Bring your lunch or just enjoy a cup of tea on me. Bring business and rack cards to share.

Lamaze CBE Workshops

Do you want to be a childbirth educator? Join me at an upcoming Passion for Birth workshop as the first step to becoming a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. We are on a mission to stomp out boring childbirth classes. Join us!

Doula Workshops & Trainings

Are you looking for doula and childbirth educator trainings? Advanced doula and educator workshops? I invite you to explore my upcoming trainings that help you to be the best perinatal professional you can be!

your grammar doula

Does the idea of writing website content, blogs or other material make you want scream? Let me help you with copyediting, writing or other needs so your material represents the best professional you that you are!

Tools for Perinatal Professionals

In the market for products to use in the classroom or at a prenatal or postpartum visit or a birth? Shop my online store for rebozos imported from Mexico, TENS units and electrodes, and so much more!

Miles Circuit Positioning Info

Use the Miles Circuit to help reposition a baby during labor, or kick labor into high gear. Find an easy to follow printable sheet and lots of images to help you get it right!