Birth Doula YOUR WAY Workshop

- A DONA Approved Birth Doula Training

Your workshop registration meets four requirements for DONA International Birth Doula Certification upon completion:

  1. Birth Doula Workshop
  2. Intro to Childbirth Education for Doulas
  3. Lactation Support for Doulas
  4. Completion of a book from the  required reading list (Pregnancy, Childbirth & the Newborn)

DONA International is one of the five certifying organizations eligible for TriCare reimbursement when a certified doula serves a military family.

Let's go virtual!

Currently, Birth Doula YOUR Way workshops for 2022 are all being held virtually via Zoom.  I have conducted many virtual birth doula workshops and both the doula participants and I have been extremely satisfied with the experience.  I draw on my 19 years as a perinatal educator to create interactive, engaging, learning activities and build community that leaves participants deeply satisfied and feeling both confident and excited about starting (or continuing) their birth doula journey. 

If you have any questions about how I can make the magic happen for you as you work toward becoming a doula, feel free to book a short convo with me so that I can share information about what you can expect.DONA birth doula trainer approval seal and DONA certified birth doula seal

Who takes a birth doula training?

Doulas provide informational, emotional and physical support to people during their pregnancy, labor/birth and early postpartum period.  People come to a birth doula training with a diverse background and for diverse reasons.

  • Some people  have long wanted to be a birth doula and are starting to turn their dream into a reality.  Other people are newer to the idea, but no less ready.
  • Others are “doula curious” and want to explore if being a birth doula is something that works for them, still a little unsure where they will go with these new skills. 
  • Sometimes, people are on their way to more education (midwifery, medical or nursing school) and this information will help them in that chosen path. 
  • Folks who already work with pregnant and birthing people want to expand their skills to be able to offer additional support.
  • Some people want to take a doula training in order to support a friend or family member during an upcoming birth.

sharon muza holding the game head from brain operation10 Reasons to take a Doula YOUR Way workshop

    1. I have trained over 2100 people to become birth doulas since 2006 and look forward to continuing to support many more on the same journey.
    2. I still actively attend births as a doula, and have a successful, vibrant doula practice in Seattle, WA. I have supported over 530 families through all types of situations and these experiences flavor my workshops with impactful stories and case studies.
    3. My birth doula training curriculum received the 2020 Innovative and Creative Workshop Award from DONA International.
    4. I recognize the impact that disparities and systemic and institutional racism have on maternal and neonatal experiences and outcomes, and offer many opportunities for  applying learning and skill building into every workshop so that this can be addressed in our birth work.
    5. I write a professional perinatal blog for Lamaze International that examines best practice and evidence based research on perinatal topics.  I use this knowledge to deliver workshop content that is relevant and up to date and supports better birth outcomes.
    6. My extensive network of colleagues, that spans the globe, are experts on a variety of subjects related to maternal infant health. I invite them to join your workshops as guest lecturers to offer you the opportunity to hear different voices and from recognized leaders.
    7. I welcome and celebrate diversity and individuality. I am committed to maintaining a learning environment that is a safe space to celebrate all abilities, identities, national origins, religions, ages, sexual orientation, gender/gender expression, ethnicities, body types and military status.
    8. I offer collaboration and support after your workshop ends.  I invite you to participate in ongoing facilitated peer to peer support groups (in person and virtual) along with other continuing education opportunities as you start to take the next steps after completing your initial workshop.
    9. I am committed to providing support as you navigate and complete the DONA International birth doula certification process.
    10. I am funny.  Very funny!

I invite you to explore my website where you can learn more about all my perinatal offerings.

Here is what you can expect from a Doula YOUR Way workshop experience

  • Black new mother and Asian father holding just born babyInteractive and engaging learning activities for every kind of learner.  No boring Powerpoint presentations and “talking heads” style learning.  We utilize a wide and diverse set of activities that offers so many ways to take in information that you will not have to worry about being bored!  Even in the virtual workshops!  You will simply have fun!  So much fun!
  • Information delivered in a way that makes it stick - so you can remember it long after your workshop ends and when you need it most, while supporting a client.
  • A robust DONA International workshop manual (hard copy) and an additional comprehensive Doula YOUR Way supplementary online platform filled with resources and information that you will continue to have access to after the workshop is completed.
  • Successful attendance for the entire Doula YOUR Way workshop provides you with four of the the necessary requirements for DONA International birth doula certification.  (You can learn more about DONA Birth Doula Certification requirements here):quote from mallory emerson doula "Sharon is an amazing trainer! She is passionate, inventive, creative, and compassionate. I appreciate her consideration of everyone's comfort in class (physically and emotionally!) and value her opinion and experience. She is always open to hearing differing ideas and perspectives, I always leave her space feeling supported, informed and on top of my game!"
    • Introduction to Childbirth Education for Doulas
    • DONA Approved Birth Doula  Training Workshop
    • Lactation Support YOUR Way
    • Required reading (1 book)
  • Your workshop includes a FREE 3.5 hour Lactation Support YOUR Way, a third requirement for certification.  After registering, you will receive a code to select the LSYW session of your choice.
  • A doula bag starter kit filled with tools to use with your birth clients.
  • A private Facebook group for Doula YOUR Way alum.
  • Access to my weekly office hours for support processing births, mentoring, help working toward certification or just to connect after your workshop ends.
  • An activity bag filled with fun activities and swag to make your workshop even more fun!
  • Practical information and support on running a doula business so you can start off strong and avoid many potential pitfalls!
  • A unique and diverse cohort of doula colleagues to build community with in your workshop and access to private social media groups and ongoing activities and meetings for alumni Doula YOUR Way workshop participants.
  • Contact hours/continuing education hours accepted by many perinatal training organizations.
  • Special savings on advanced doula trainings.
  • A free optional 2-hour workshop specific to the ins and outs of DONA International birth doula certification conducted by a DONA International certification review specialist.  Take a deep dive, get all your questions answered and receive the expert support you need to help your certification process go smoothly.
  • If you are local to me, I do my best to refer doulas I have trained to clients looking for doulas.

Some of the topics covered in A Doula YOUR Way workshop

  • The doula role and research on how doulas impact birth.  (Hint: it’s all good!)
  • The significance of birth for the birthing person and others
  • Exploring your own values and boundaries as a birth doula along with ethical considerations
  • Concerns and Celebrations of Current Perinatal Trends
  • Communication skills that build and enhance the doula-client relationship as well as the relationship with others, including health care providers.
  • Nurturing cultural humility as a doula
  • Celebration of all the different people who become parents
  • Creating an effective prenatal relationship with your clients
  • Effective doula support for all the phases and stages of labor
  • The physiological birth process and appropriate comfort, coping and breathing techniques along with positions that promote progress.
  • Skills and strategies to support pregnancy, labor and birth variations and possible interventions.
  • Pharmacological pain medication options and doula support
  • Cesareans and VBACs - how you help
  • Supporting the new parent-baby dyad
  • Starting off strong with business skills and structures
  • Finding and participating in your perinatal professional community
  • And more…so much more.

2022 Virtual Birth Doula YOUR Way Workshops

I offer you a choice between:

  • A four day intensive (four consecutive days in a row) 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM Pacific Time
  • Once a week for 4 weeks in a row, 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM Pacific Time

There are benefits to the different workshop formats - depending on your needs, your titwo women in bed, one who just gave birth and the other who is holding a newborn skin to frame, learning styles and other commitments and responsibilities.  Reach out if you need help deciding which will work best for you. I am happy to support you in making the right choice!

Weekly, for four weeks (8 AM - 5:30 PM Pacific time)
Intensive Workshops (four consecutive days, 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM Pacific Time)

Check back frequently for additional dates as they are added, or contact me if you would like a private workshop for your specific group.

Cost and refund/cancellation policy

The Doula YOUR Way workshop cost is $700.  Payment is required in full or two equal payments with the final payment due 14 days prior to the workshop start date. If you register less than 14 days from the start of your workshop, full registration is due.   There are no refunds if you are unable to attend or complete the workshop.  You may transfer your registration to another workshop I offer in the next 12 months for a small fee.  You can read more about the cancellation and transfer policy here.

Scholarship information

I am committed to increasing diversity in the doula profession for doulas who come from marginalized and under-resourced communities.

A limited number of partial scholarships are made available to doulas based on a demonstrated commitment to serve their communities with birth doula services.  Scholarships are reserved for LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC doulas with financial need who are planning to offer birth doula services in their community.  Please send me an email telling me a little bit about yourself:

  • The communities and geographic area you hope to serve?
  • Do you identify as a member of these specific communities?  If so, which one(s)?
  • What draws you to doula work?
  • What you hope comes next after you complete the training?
  • Let me know about any previous trainings, certifications, paid or volunteer positions you have had in the communities you will be serving.
  • Which workshop dates are you interested in attending.
Yes! Register for VIRTUAL Doula YOUR Way 4 Mondays 1/10/22Yes! Register for VIRTUAL Doula YOUR Way Intensive 2/7/22Yes! Register for VIRTUAL Doula YOUR Way 4 Wednesdays 3/9/22