Teach childbirth classes with confidence

You have a lot of choices when it comes to taking a childbirth education training. Perhaps you feel in love with the 6 Healthy Birth Practices and the evidence-based information that Lamaze International prides itself on basing all of its educational practices. Maybe you have heard about the dynamic teaching of Sharon and Robin and wanted to learn from them. It could simply be that our classes worked with your budget and your schedule. That’s okay too. Whatever reason you found us, we are thrilled that you are here!

Families deserve childbirth classes that are:

  • Based on evidence and best practice
  • Prepare them for birth and early parenting with confidence
  • Impart information so that it is easy to recall weeks or months later, when they need it
  • Offer resources for ongoing learning
  • Create community
  • Enjoyable to take (and FUN to teach for you!)

Childbirth Education Project firmly believes the same standards hold true for our childbirth educator workshops and every Lamaze-approved workshop is designed with these goals in mind.

Additional details and information are available on the Childbirth Education Project website. There you can learn more and find a workshop that works for you. Workshop fees are $600.

fun, engaging & memorable learning tools

practical hands-on learning for new educators

Create interactive and educational childbirth classes

Learn skills for teaching classes in-person and virtually

Your path to becoming a childbirth educator

Together with Robin Elise Weiss, I am offering the most amazing and dynamic childbirth educator training available. The Childbirth Education Project training is Lamaze Accredited for certification and filled with fun, memorable activities and learning.

Our workshops, whether in person or live on Zoom, help you acquire the skills to offer amazing classes, both virtually and in person through hospital programs, as an independent educator or part of a team.  Every workshop celebrates diversity and what you bring to the table and focuses on best practices for adult learners.  We support you as you gain confidence, prepare for the certification exam and teach families in your community.  We celebrate your victories and encourage you to stretch yourself to be the type of educator that families deserve.

Bonus is the more than 28 nursing and Lamaze contact hours for the full workshop!

Families deserve to have remarkable childbirth classes and we can help you to become just the right person to do it!

Learn more about when the next Lamaze Childbirth Educator trainings are scheduled, what you can expect and next steps on the Childbirth Education Project website below.


Together, we have more than 50 combined years of experience teaching childbirth classes, attending births, and training perinatal professionals.  We are committed to your success and provide resources, encouragement, and community that support you every step of the way, from when you initially register, until well into the future as you celebrate your successful career as a childbirth educator.

Sharon Muza Seattle

Sharon Muza

Sharon Muza (she/her/hers) has been an active perinatal professional since 2004, teaching Lamaze classes to thousands of families and doula-ing in Seattle, WA. Sharon is also a trainer of new birth doulas and childbirth educators. She blogs professionally on perinatal topics. Sharon enjoys facilitating discussion around best practice, current research and its practical application to maternal-infant health and community standards. She also loves creating and delivering engaging and interactive learning sessions both in person and online.
Robin Elise Weiss Childbirth Education Project

Robin Elise Weiss

Robin is a childbirth educator, doula, and the award-winning pregnancy and parenting author of “The Complete Illustrated Guide to Pregnancy” and more than 10 other books. Between her nine children, teaching childbirth classes, and attending births for more than three decades, she has built up an impressive and practical knowledge base and following.