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Birth Tub Rental

Having a home birth and want to take advantage of a roomy, accessible tub to labor and/or birth in. Find out all the benefits and how to rent a birth tub for 30 days here.

Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting Classes

Did you know that childbirth classes can be fun and build community while sharing evidence and best practice that improves outcomes. Learn more about the different birth classes available to you in the Seattle area.

Birth Doula

Invite a certified Seattle birth doula with almost two decades and over 530 births worth of experience to support your family as you welcome a new baby.

My Writing

Writing is one of my favorite things and when the topic is maternal-infant health I am over the moon. Check out some of the places you can find my writing.

TENS Units, Rebozos & Labor Tools

Tools that help with reducing pain and getting baby lined up well can help people have a smoother, shorter birth. Grab the tools that have been proven to assist with labor and birth.

Miles Circuit

The Miles Circuit is a three step process that can be done prenatally or during labor to correct a baby malposition and lead to a quicker birth. Get all the details here.

Best Provider & Birth Location for Me

Take this quick quiz to help identify the best type of location to give birth and what kind of care provider is the best fit for you!  Download questions to ask potential providers.

Help for Perinatal Mood Disorders

If you are finding pregnancy or postpartum difficult, take this quick quiz and find resources that can help.  You are not alone.