If you are struggling, you should know two things!

You are not alone!  There is help!

Perinatal mood disorders can come up anytime during pregnancy or the first year or two after giving birth.  A perinatal mood disorder can also happen to the partner.  Growing your family is not without challenges, even under ideal circumstances.   Throw in some sleep deprivation, hormonal shifts, financial changes and other dynamics, and it is a surprise that more people are not impacted.  What I want you to know is that there is help, no matter if things are a little bumpy or a lot bumpy.  The hardest part is just reaching out to get things started.  Here you will find an evidence based perinatal anxiety screening tool and some resources for the family.  You can find an evidence based perinatal depression screening tool herePlease reach out if I can help.

Perinatal resources for caring and nonjudgemental mental health support and help. 

For immediate support during an active crisis - please call 9-1-1.