Birth Doula Services

Sharon Muza doula with client in tub during labor, holding hands.

"Well rounded - knowledgeable, humble, kind, compassionate, supportive, and a stable presence through it all."

Congratulations on a new little human making their way into your life.  This time of transition can be filled with many emotions - joy, excitement, anxiousness, apprehension, confusion, connection, worry, peace, and more.  I understand and respect each person's journey to welcoming a child and firmly believe that having the support of a doula during the childbearing year helps every individual to make their voice heard, be listened to, receive acknowledgment and information as they go through the process.

If you asked me what I believe is most important about birth, my answer would not be a specific way of giving birth, for there is no right way, there is only YOUR way.  I believe that everyone has the right to be respected, to be heard, to feel in control of the process, (as much as one can control birth) and to make decisions that feel right for their family.

I also know, having supported over 530 families as they met their babies, that flexibility is key, no matter what your intentions.  As a doula, I center your voice, help you gather information about what your options are when you need to make a choice, and vehemently support your decision and the intuition that guided you there.

You are the rock star at your birth and my role is to support you and your partner (if partnered) and make the experience positive and meaningful for both of you, helping your support person to be the best they can be in supporting you during your labor and birth. I work for you and you alone and walk with you (and your partner, if you are partnered) every step of the way, doing everything I can to set you up for the experience you want.  And I stay with you if things need to change..with continuous, unwavering support.DONA birth doula trainer approval seal and DONA certified birth doula seal

Sharon Muza doula massaging laboring woman who is standing in front of a christmas tree

"Sharon is compassionate, supportive, straightforward, and insightful.  She knows how to give support without taking away from others, knows how to ask the right questions, and knows how to bring humor and levity all while being very compassionate."

Since July 2019, I have worked in a doula partnership with my friend and colleague Alice Turner.   As DONA Certified birth doulas, together we have over 900 births and 36 years of experience supporting families at their births.  We attend every interview, prenatal and postpartum visit together, are on call together, join in every text, every email, zoom meeting or call together and support each other and our client family when one of us is at a birth.  Should a birth run extremely long, we seamlessly make the transition of changing places so you always have a fresh and ready-to-go doula who can carry the team at those marathon births.

We work together as a team so well that a recent client said to us after they birthed, "Even though only Alice was here, we felt Sharon's presence and it felt like she was with all of us every step of the way."

"I have Sharon to thank for believing in me before I believed in myself."


Here is a copy of  our doula contract, where you can find all the details of our birth practice, including fee information!

The fee for our services is $3200.
We collect a $1600 retainer in order to be placed on our doula calendar and $1600 is payable at the prenatal.

Here is a copy of our contract for your review.

We can collect payment by credit card, FSA/HSA debit cards, Zelle, Venmo, check or cash.  Receipts happily provided for potential insurance reimbursement or HSA/FSA spending accounts.

Please contact me to inquire about our availability to provide birth doula services for your due date. We take a very limited number of clients each year, and our calendar does fill, so do reach out if you want an amazing dynamite duo of doulas for support during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

If you are a BIPOC pregnant person and would like a referral to a doula who shares your race/ethnicity/culture with you, please do not hesitate to reach out and let me know and I will make some referrals that meet your needs.

Laboring woman in tub with washcloth on head while Sharon Muza doula supports her head and neck

A labor nurse shares: "As a labor nurse, I frequently worked with doulas, and Sharon has a special knack for empowering her patients within the hospital setting while still maintaining strong professional relationships with the midwives, physicians and nurses who care for her clients.  She is a cheerleader, a coach, an advocate, a mediator, and a knowledgeable voice for her families."