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A virtual live childbirth class with expert childbirth educator sharon muza

Planned Cesarean Class for Doulas Sharon Muza

Is there a high likelihood that you will be birthing your baby (babies) by cesarean section? Do the "standard" childbirth classes offered in our area not feel quite right given your situation. Please join me for a class designed just for families who will have a cesarean birth.

The day you meet your baby should be a memorable and positive experience, full of confidence and celebration.  Giving birth by planned cesarean should have space for you to include the important things that make the day you give birth to your baby one of the most special ones of your life. This class helps you plan your baby's birth with intention and thoughtful consideration, so that it is one you will remember with joy for the rest of your life.

Sharon Muza has helped families have meaningful cesarean birth experiences since 2004 and she is ready to support you in the same way.

Is Cesarean YOUR Way the class for me?

You are having either an elective cesarean or a medically required cesarean birth.

You would like to feel prepared for your upcoming birth and ready to create positive memories, even if a cesarean birth is not what you had originally envisioned for yourself.

You'd like to learn how to make this birth the best cesarean possible. You would like the tools to ensure that your child's birth will be meaningful and special, no matter how they are arriving.

You want to understand evidence and best practices for both parent and baby that can help get everyone off to the best start.

At the end of class, you and your partner will:

  • Feel more confident that you know all your options and what to expect before, during and after the surgery.

  • Create a customized cesarean birth plan, making choices that feel good to your family, and are "do-able" during the procedure.

  • Leave with a recovery, postpartum and breastfeeding plan specially designed for parents birthing by cesarean.

  • Have partner learn tips and techniques to help connect the birthing person and baby during the cesarean birth and in recovery, as well as how to have an early connection between the partner and the new baby.

  • Prepare for a baby who may need to go to the neonatal intensive care unit and how to have everyone stay connected and informed.

  • Discuss any emotions that may be present if a cesarean birth was not the original plan and how to balance all the feels.

  • Additional customized material can be added that directly addresses your family's special circumstances.

  • Interactive activities, connection with your partner, confidence and practical tips are all shared in a light-hearted but respectful manner, along with best practices and evidence based facts.

Sharon Muza Review

"We had a planned c-section because our baby girl was frank breech. If it weren’t for your class I wouldn’t have known how to make my cesarean a special experience. Everything went smoothly and I got to feed her within the golden hour!"


"My husband and I are so grateful to Sharon for offering the Cesarean YOUR Way class.  There is simply no other opportunity to prepare for a c section like this one…This class has significantly improved our journey through a potentially difficult time and given us more space to enjoy and celebrate the birth of our baby."


"Sharon does a great job of explaining options you didn't know you had, and helps guide you toward revealing what options are important to you, your partner and your baby on a day you will never forget! I feel confident going into my scheduled day and supported knowing what to do after for faster, maximum healing. Plus! We had some good laughs and smiles! It was so refreshing to alleviate my anxiety with knowledge and reference tools to take with me before we met our new family member. Thank you Sharon!"




This class is currently available as a private virtual offering via Zoom, customized for your personal situation. You are welcome to invite family and other support people to join along with you and your partner.


I maintain extremely high standards for my live virtual childbirth classes. No boring lectures and slide decks... Instead, information is shared in interactive, fun ways that completely engage you in experiential learning, make the material memorable and give you ample opportunity to connect with others in the class. Families consistently rave about the high level of engagement they experience in my virtual classes. These live online childbirth classes will exceed your expectations.

Just like during labor, birth and early parenting, being comfortable and taking care of your comfort and physical needs should be a priority. Come as you are, feel free to eat/drink during class, and pets are welcome.

QUESTIONS? Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, or call/text me at 206-465-1052.

Sharon Muza Seattle

Sharon Muza

Sharon Muza has been an active perinatal professional since 2004, teaching Lamaze classes to thousands of families in Seattle and beyond and doula-ing for hundreds more. Not satisfied with delivering information through boring lecture and slide decks, Sharon is known for delivering engaging, fun content, both in person and virtually, that involves everyone and builds community in every class she teaches. She shares evidence-based information and makes the material memorable, so families can easily recall important details weeks or months later, when they need it most. At her core, Sharon believes people can do hard things, and trusts everyone to make the right decisions for their family.

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  1. Judd Menvkeld on March 10, 2016 at 11:12 am

    Hi Sharon – My wide and I were referred to you by Anna Panighetti and we have learned that we will likely be having a planned C-section due to an unresolved placenta previa. We are at week 31 currently and would love to take your “Cesarean YOUR Way” class. We are midway through a birthing class with Liz Chalmers right now but it is focused on natural, out of hospital births and we’d really like to supplement with something focused on what looks likely to be our path. Thanks!

    Judd (and Lisa)