Early Pregnancy YOUR Way

Class for families in the first and early second trimester

early pregnancy class

A new small human is joining your family!

You or your partner are in the early days and weeks of your pregnancy. It can be both an exciting and also uncertain time period. You may be feeling great or you may be experiencing all kinds of new physical sensations along with all the emotions that are normal in early pregnancy, but really, how do you know? You have tons of questions and you are not even sure where to go for accurate information. Google can be a big scary place at times like this!

This 90-minute Early Pregnancy YOUR Way workshop will start you out confidently, provide you with clear evidence-based answers to your early pregnancy questions and reassure you that you on the right track to rock your pregnancy and birth! 

Is this the right class for you?

You'd love the opportunity to ask your questions, be pointed to best practices and evidence-based resources for pregnancy.

You want the information and support to get your pregnancy started off right, sharing space with others who are going through the same thing.

You want to have a plan, knowing what the decisions are that you should be making now and what you can be doing to set yourself up for a positive experience.

You want to take the “overwhelm” out of these first few months of growing your family.

What you can expect from this valuable Early Pregnancy YOUR Way workshop:

  • Discover your options for care providers and birth locations and how to choose what might be best for you?

  • What can (and should) you be eating, drinking and doing for a healthy start and what things should you avoid?

  • Learn how to confidently make choices that align with your values and preferences.

  • Create a customized “to do” list with a timeline that leaves you feeling organized and capable of “doing all the things.”

  • Identify the best websites, books, apps and resources to guide you through your pregnancy and beyond.

  • Have a place where all your questions will be answered, and no question or concern is to trivial or silly to ask.

  • Meet other families starting off on this same journey and create community for the exciting times yet to come.

  • A robust follow up email with access to helpful resources and information.

Recommended by doctors, midwives and doulas for all pregnant families as an evidence-based and practical foundation for a healthy pregnancy.

Sharon Muza Review

“Early Pregnancy YOUR Way answered all of my questions and reduced my anxiety at the same time."


“In the beginning of our pregnancy, we were so overwhelmed with information and advice that we wanted to scream. This workshop helped us to identify what decisions were important to make now, the best evidence-based resources and what we could do now to make my entire pregnancy more stress-free!"


"Thanks for the Early Pregnancy class, it was super informative and we both really enjoyed it!"



WHERE: Early Pregnancy YOUR Way workshops are held virtually on Zoom, and are jam-packed with interactive and engaging activities that you will enjoy working through during our time together and beyond.

FEE: Cost for pregnant person and one support/partner $35 (total two people). Payment with registration is required to confirm your space in class.

TIMING: This class is best taken when you first find out you are pregnant up until about the midpoint of your pregnancy.


If you need to cancel for any reason, a $20 processing fee will be charged and the balance refunded cheerfully and promptly.


I maintain extremely high standards for my live virtual childbirth classes. No boring lectures and slide decks... Instead, information is shared in interactive, fun ways that completely engage you in experiential learning, make the material memorable and give you ample opportunity to connect with others in the class. Families consistently rave about the high level of engagement they experience in my virtual classes. These live online childbirth classes will exceed your expectations.

Just like during labor, birth and early parenting, being comfortable and taking care of your comfort and physical needs should be a priority. Come as you are, feel free to eat/drink during class, and pets are welcome.

QUESTIONS? Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, or call/text me at 206-465-1052.

Sharon Muza Seattle

Sharon Muza

Sharon Muza has been an active perinatal professional since 2004, teaching Lamaze classes to thousands of families in Seattle and beyond and doula-ing for hundreds more. Not satisfied with delivering information through boring lecture and slide decks, Sharon is known for delivering engaging, fun content, both in person and virtually, that involves everyone and builds community in every class she teaches. She shares evidence-based information and makes the material memorable, so families can easily recall important details weeks or months later, when they need it most. At her core, Sharon believes people can do hard things, and trusts everyone to make the right decisions for their family.