Lamaze Birth & Baby YOUR Way Childbirth Series

A virtual live childbirth class with expert childbirth educator sharon muza

Seattle Home Birth with Tub

Congratulations on this new baby joining your family! An exciting time! I invite you to join other pregnant families in an eight-week journey through a community-based Lamaze childbirth class. You may be choosing to give birth at home, in a birth center or at a hospital. This Birth & Baby YOUR Way virtual childbirth class series will leave you confident, excited and fully prepared to birth and parent your baby YOUR Way.

You will learn evidence-based pregnancy, birth and parenting practices that are supported by research and facilitated by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator with over 19 years of experience teaching well over 4500 families.

Birth & Baby YOUR Way is not the standard boring childbirth class, but rather an interactive, engaging opportunity to build skills and confidence to labor, birth and parent YOUR way. Welcoming to all families - including families of color, LGBTQIA+, sole parents and health at every size (HAES). Diversity is celebrated.


You want helpful information for labor, birth and early parenting that is evidence-based and guided by best practice.

You want to feel confident, supported and powerful as you ask questions, make decisions, and navigate pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

You want to build community and share your learning with other families making the same plans for an outstanding childbirth experience.

You want fun and active learning delivered, without judgment, in a format that helps you remember the important info when it matters most.


With eight weeks together, you will emerge from your childbirth class with everything you need to prepare for birth, labor with confidence and plenty of expert guidance and tips to draw from, and feel ready to meet & care for your new baby.


Learn what makes for a positive birth and early parenting experience and explore the options that will work for you.


  • Learn what decisions you can make now to set you up for a positive birth and early parenting experience.
  • Prepare to confidently navigate all of your options, and choose the path that is right for you and your family.

Labor & Birth

Practical skills to navigate labor and birth with confidence whether you are birthing at home or in the hospital.


  • Explore how your body and your baby work with you as you labor and birth.
  • Learn and practice positions and comfort and coping techniques to keep labor moving smoothly forward.
  • Useful strategies for partners and support people to feel confident supporting you during labor and birth.
  • Become familiar with options available to you based on your chosen birth location and provider.


Feel confident and prepared not only for labor and birth, but also your first months postpartum and caring for baby.


  • Practical information about postpartum recovery.
  • Guidance on lactation and baby care.
  • Preparation for a smooth transition to life with a new baby.
  • Expert strategies, tips and resources for challenges that may arise.
  • Key info on safety for baby, sleep, carseats and the home.


Connect with your class cohort starting in pregnancy and continue well into parenthood.


  • Small group activities every week that help you connect with other families.
  • Private WhatsApp group for community building and connection.
  • Class reunion to meet all the babies.
  • Regular drop in sessions with other families and Sharon that you can join anytime.

This is THE Childbirth class you have been looking for:

Nonjudgemental, welcoming learning space

based on best practice and evidence-based care

fun, engaging & memorable learning tools


  • Kindle e-copy of the award-winning Pregnancy, Childbirth & the Newborn book by Penny Simkin, within 24 hours of registration.

  • Fun, interactive learning materials delivered to your door, for use during class.

  • A customized "Birth & Baby YOUR Way" labor kit filled with useful tools to reduce discomfort and help you cope with labor.

  • Guest instructors to share their expertise on pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

  • Your virtual classroom opens 15 minutes before each class so you can connect, chat and build community before we begin.

  • Interactive activities so you can build the skills you need and remember if all when you'll need it most - weeks or months from now!

  • Full access to a Google Classroom with weekly resources, videos, links and updates to enrich your learning.

  • An open invitation to weekly Zoom calls to connect with other pregnant and newly postpartum families.

Sharon Muza Review

"You are the most gifted online educator we’ve ever had. We were totally engaged each and every session, all 2.5 hours, with no breaks! We were able to recall so many parts of the course at times when we needed key information."

Rachel and Palmer Fliss

"Sharon is a straight-shooter and she kept us entertained (great sense of humor) while endowing us with a solid understanding of what to expect. It gave me the confidence to know my body is fully capable of a healthy and natural delivery."


"We ADORED Sharon's class! Highly recommend. I literally buzzed walking out of that class, fully confident that we could do this thing called childbirth."


"We left the course feeling much more prepared for both birth and entry to parenthood. In-depth, trustworthy preparation for birth."


"Taking Sharon's birth class was the best thing I did to prepare for birth. She is a fantastic educator; even via Zoom, she is engaging and presents in a way that makes it easy to understand and remember the lessons even months later. She was instrumental in helping me feel absolutely confident in the choices I made for my birth experience." 


"Sharon did a superb job of pivoting to online teaching: she was able to keep her content fresh and engaging, and the entire class active and participating."


"Your ability to translate your incredible knowledge and wisdom into information that is accessible - and delivered with humor, no less - was truly amazing."


"Sharon's class was THE most helpful thing I did to prepare for labor and postpartum. I wish we did it earlier in the pregnancy because it would have made a lot of the early decisions we spent so much time stressing about much easier...with evidence-based information from an expert."



WHERE: All classes offered virtually via zoom.

WHEN: All classes run weekly, for eight consecutive weeks from 6:30 to 9:00 PM Pacific Time, starting on the class start date.

FEE: $425.00 for the eight-week series.
It is your registration and payment that confirm your space in class. This class routinely fills, so an early registration is encouraged.

TIMING: It is suggested that you complete the entire Birth & Baby YOUR Way series by your 38th week of pregnancy. If that is not possible for whatever reason, I will do whatever I can to be sure that you receive the material you missed, or invite you to attend a class with an alternate cohort.

Private childbirth classes are available for those with schedules or circumstances that make a private session a better fit for your family.


As registration is limited, the cancellation policy for this class is as follows:

A $120 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel before three weeks. Half the class fee will be returned if you need to cancel within three weeks of the class date. There is no refund if you cancel within 48 hours of the class start time or after the class has started.

If you birth early, please contact me to discuss your situation on a case by case basis. reserves the right to cancel any class or class series at any point prior to the class start date and will refund all monies paid to all registrants.


I maintain extremely high standards for my live virtual childbirth classes. No boring lectures and slide decks... Instead, information is shared in interactive, fun ways that completely engage you in experiential learning, make the material memorable and give you ample opportunity to connect with others in the class. Families consistently rave about the high level of engagement they experience in my virtual classes. These live online childbirth classes will exceed your expectations.

Just like during labor, birth and early parenting, being comfortable and taking care of your comfort and physical needs should be a priority. Come as you are, feel free to eat/drink during class, and pets are welcome.

QUESTIONS? Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, or call/text me at 206-465-1052.


Sharon Muza Seattle

Sharon Muza

Sharon Muza has been an active perinatal professional since 2004, teaching Lamaze classes to thousands of families in Seattle and beyond and doula-ing for hundreds more. Not satisfied with delivering information through boring lecture and slide decks, Sharon is known for delivering engaging, fun content, both in person and virtually, that involves everyone and builds community in every class she teaches. She shares evidence-based information and makes the material memorable, so families can easily recall important details weeks or months later, when they need it most. At her core, Sharon believes people can do hard things, and trusts everyone to make the right decisions for their family.


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