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Advanced Doula and Perinatal Professional Workshop

Planned Cesarean Class for Doulas Sharon Muza

Birth doulas play a key role in supporting and honoring the intentions of families who welcome their baby by planned cesarean. Prenatally, a doula can help families understand all their options and support them to create a thoughtful cesarean birth plan that is respectful, evidence-based and family centered. When a doula demonstrates to a potential client the unique support they can offer for a planned cesarean, families immediately see the value in adding a birth doula to their team.

This workship will help you to be the doula that shows up for an interview confident in your ability to support a planned cesarean birth and effectively communicate your value during a planned cesarean birth. Amplify the good vibes and positive experiences for the clients who birth by planned cesarean, as you offer skilled guidance, and nonjudgmental support during prenatal meetings, the birth and through the postpartum period.

Is this workshop a good fit for you?

You want to establish yourself as the “go-to” doula for families planning to birth by cesarean. There is an unfilled need for this kind of specialization in your community.

You understand that there are many ways that a baby can be born and non-judgmental support for all kinds of birth, including by planned cesarean, is one of the core values in your doula practice.

You want to be confident when discussing options with families and help them navigate the choices that they have when welcoming their baby, with an eye to best practice and evidence.

You feel unsure of your role when supporting a planned cesarean and want to increase your knowledge and skills to enhance your clients’ experiences and expand your practice.

You will learn:

  • Recognize reasons why families might not feel the need for a doula for their planned cesarean.

  • Create marketing materials and website copy that effectively speak to planned cesarean families.

  • During an interview, confidently discuss how a doula is key for planned cesareans and demonstrate the value that you bring to their upcoming experience.

  • Compare and contrast how a planned cesarean is different from an unplanned cesarean.

  • Identify commonalities between a planned cesarean and a vaginal birth.

  • Develop activities and resources for prenatal planning, birth day and postpartum that are specific to a planned cesearean and enhance the experience for the birthing family. 

  • Discover current best practices and options for cesarean births and how to support clients in receiving evidence based care.

  • Offer support for the emotional processing that families may experience when planning to birth by cesarean. 

Sharon Muza Review

"Sharon infuses her lessons with critical, evidence-based information and provided a ton of resources for follow-up research. She also reviews fundamental skills in ways that build confidence and a solid skill foundation in new doulas. Take her class! You won’t regret it!"


"Sharon is a wonderful teacher who is committed to community-building in birth work, and I couldn't recommend her more highly."


"Sharon's passion for her work is as evident as her dedication to an evidence-based curriculum, yet leaving space for questioning and creativity."



DATES: To be determined

WHERE: Currently being offered via Zoom Virtual Meeting platform


CREDIT HOURS: 3 DONA contact hours for full attendance.


You must be in attendance and your camera on for the entire workshop to receive contact hours. Please contact me if there are issues with being present on camera. This workshop cannot be attended on a phone or tablet because our learning activities are not accessible on those devices.

Due to the nature of the class and out of consideration for other attendees, please make arrangements for any children to be cared for off-screen during virtual workshops. Nurslings can be brought in for feedings.

QUESTIONS? Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, or call/text me at 206-465-1052.

Sharon Muza Seattle

Sharon Muza

Sharon Muza has been an active perinatal professional since 2004, teaching Lamaze classes to thousands of families and doula-ing in Seattle, WA. Sharon trains doulas and childbirth educators, L&D nurses and midwives in Washington state and globally. She blogs professionally on perinatal topics. Sharon enjoys facilitating discussion around best practice, current research and its practical application to maternal-infant health and community standards and can be found presenting at conferences and professional gatherings. She also loves creating and delivering engaging and interactive learning sessions both in person and online.


As registration is limited, the SharonMuza.com cancellation policy for this class is as follows:

If you need to cancel for any reason, a $20 processing fee will be charged and the balance refunded cheerfully and promptly. Your payment in full confirms your registration. You may send a replacement in your place without penalty at any point prior to the workshop starting. Just let me know IN ADVANCE.

If you fail to let me know IN ADVANCE by text (206-465-1052) or email (sharon@sharonmuza.com) BEFORE the class or workshop starts, there will be no refund.

I reserve the right to cancel the workshop and refund 100% of the registration fee to you if we do not have a minimum of 6 participants.