Sharon Muza Review

"An amazing class Sharon, you are such a passionate and talented educator. It was without a doubt the hardest experience of my life and also one that I am lucky to feel proud of thanks in part to your class!"

Amelia Swinton, Birth & Baby YOUR Way

"Your class helped us understand ECV and "Spinning Babies" techniques and how to advocate for what you want. I referred to the material a lot when I discovered she was breech. "

Tiffanie Lewis, Birth & Baby YOUR Way

"A PHENOMENAL VBAC class. You created a safe space to share our stories, experiences and learn so much. I left your class feeling educated, validated and really capable of my upcoming birth. "

Stephanie Alzate, VBAC YOUR Way

"I had been absolutely terrified of labor beforehand, but after taking this class and using the coping mechanisms we learned, I was able to labor in a way that made me feel so proud and empowered and satisfied with my birthing experience!"

Ashley Lakowski

Sharon Muza Review

“You are the most gifted online educator we’ve ever had. We were totally engaged each and every session, all 2.5 hours, with no breaks! We were able to recall so many parts of the course at times when we needed key information.”

Rachel and Palmer Bliss, Birth & Baby YOUR Way

Sharon Muza Review

"Your class was insightful, educational, fun, and engaging. Thomas and I are big fans and will be better parents to our son because of you. Teaching and engaging remotely are hard in this strangely isolated time and I appreciate you."

Stephanie Shafer, Birth & Baby YOUR Way

Sharon Muza Review

"Sharon made our Zoom-based class engaging, fun, informative, and even social (a unique feat with expertly leveraged breakout rooms). She was a high-energy, wonderful teacher firmly rooted in evidence-based information. We left the course feeling much more prepared for both birth and entry to parenthood. In-depth, trustworthy preparation for birth."

Liz Shepherd, Birth & Baby YOUR Way

"We had a planned c section because our baby girl was frank breech. If it weren’t for your class I wouldn’t have known how to make my cesarean a special experience. Everything went smoothly and I got to feed her within the golden hour! "

Tiffanie Lewis, Birth & Baby YOUR Way

"The best 4 hours we spent preparing for labor and birth. Sharon crams tons of evidence-based information into this class, plus a mini-labor simulation to practice positions and breathing techniques, and an overall message that there are infinite ways to give birth, so we can all be ourselves and find what works for us."

Elise Fogel, MSN, CNM, ARNP, Labor YOUR Way

Sharon Muza Review

"We didn't think we would look forward to attending class every week, but we truly did. Your ability to translate your incredible knowledge and wisdom into information that is accessible - and delivered with humor, no less - was truly amazing."

Jen Causton and Kevin Bray, Birth & Baby YOUR Way

Sharon Muza Review

"We appreciated the in-depth, unbiased information and statistics she presented in the VBAC class, enabling us to make truly informed decisions and understand the choices we would be facing. I labored actively and freely, moving in the positions we practiced, and the stars aligned for me and my baby for a VBAC."

Ariana, Brendan, Noah and Benji - VBAC YOUR Way

Sharon Muza Review

"Sharon’s class was amazing!! We were a little hesitant at first since the class needed to be remote but Sharon has adapted her curriculum masterfully. We learned a ton and our group was able to connect multiple times in person (park walks, etc). We loved having the WhatsApp group with everyone from the class - especially postpartum. It really feels like we have a community! "


Sharon Muza Review

"My wife and I took the Labor Your Way class when we were expecting our baby…I am also a midwife. I knew from having my clients take her class that it was a good one…I have to say that Sharon's class was OUTSTANDING. I got to see first-hand what Sharon DOES in class by taking the class ourselves... Sharon not only used language that included my wife as my partner but she has integrated gender-neutral language into her lexicon to accept any birthing person and their support person(s). 

Brandy Ross-Bell, LM, ND, Labor YOUR Way

Sharon Muza Review

"My husband and I are so grateful to Sharon for offering the Cesarean YOUR Way class.  There is simply no other opportunity to prepare for a c section like this one…This class has significantly improved our journey through a potentially difficult time and given us more space to enjoy and celebrate the birth of our baby."

Nicole Maudlin, Cesarean YOUR Way