Are you planning a seattle area home waterbirth?

When you are giving birth at home, you want to have all your options for natural pain relief available to you.  Being in warm water is consistently one of the best ways to soothe contractions and reduce labor pain.  A Seattle birth tub rental can help you to have a more positive birth experience. Using the AquaDoula® Birth Tub designed specifically for labor and water birth, rented from a local Seattle area expert doula and childbirth educator, means you can create the birth space you desire with the skilled guidance you need for setup & use.

Learn more about my birth tubs, FAQ, and planning to labor or birth in water at my tub rental specific site - Seattle Birth Tub. and grab my Top 10 Tips for Laboring & Birthing in Water handout there.

Aqua Doula birth tub rental kit comes complete with the following:

  • birth tub
  • one brand new disposable (lead free/BPA free, for potable waterhose for convenient filling from kitchen or bathroom sink. (25 ft long, second hose available for $30 additional)
  • brand new disposable liner
  • permanent second liner
  • submersible electric pump for fast emptying after birth
  • plastic tarp for extra floor protection
  • complete set up instructions
  • floating thermometer
  • heating unit with controllable thermostat
  • surge protector electrical connection
  • universal fitting for sink connection
  • carrying strap
  • brand new fish net for "debris"
  • storage box
  • cover and floor pad

I am happy to answer any questions you might have, share my experiences with the tubs and help in any way possible.  Do not hesitate to let me know how I can help you make an informed decision as you prepare for your home water labor and/or birth.

Learn more about my birth tubs, FAQ, and planning to labor or birth in water on my tub rental specific website Seattle Birth Tub - while there, grab my handout "Top 10 Tips for Laboring & Birthing in Water."


The tub is available for a thirty day rental, (most families pick it up approximately two weeks prior to their due date but you can do what feels best for your family) and the tub is picked up and returned in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. The address will be provided after payment.


  • $300 - Heated Aqua Doula Kit (see above)
  • Extra hoses ($30)
  • Extra disposable liners ($35)

For questions or more information, or to check tub availability for your due date, please fill out my contact form and I will be respond to you promptly! Once I have confirmed the tub is available for your due month it is your signed contract and payment that holds the tub for you.

Last minute tub needs will be graciously accommodated if at all possible!

seattle birth tub rental request form

Cost and refund/cancellation policy
The rental period is for 30 days, and each week or portion of a week after that is an additional 60 dollars.  You are responsible for picking the tub up from my home in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle and returning it to me here. The tub comes complete with everything you should need for one birth, all the tarps, fittings, single use new lead and BPA free hose, disposable liner, thermometer, pump for emptying, fishnet for scooping "debris", tub etc.  All the tubs will fit in almost every car, as long as it has a back seat or trunk area.

Your payment in full will hold the date for your birth tub rental reservation.  After picking up the tub, should your birth need to occur in the hospital, or you transfer in labor without using the tub, I am unable to refund your money, as you will have had the tub for your use during the reserved period, making it unavailable to others.  I will happily refund your PAID tub rental fee minus $50 if your plans change after you have paid for the tub but NOT yet picked it up.