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Taking a childbirth class is great preparation for labor, birth and early parenting. Building confidence in yourself and your partner (if partnered) as you prepare to welcome a child helps you to have a birth and parenting experience that feels right to you and your family. I offer a variety of class options to meet every situation. Any of my classes will leave you prepared, confident in your skills and excited for what comes next. I love facilitating learning on these topics and my years of experience and training offer assurances that you are getting nothing but the best in childbirth preparation.

“Sharon is a highly skilled birth educator…and a staunch advocate for best practices. Sharon’s approach is saturated in reliable science and compassion.”Julie Pierce
Every class I teach offers you the following:
  • Evidenced-based information and best practice that is based on the most current material available.
  • Activities that are fun and enhance recall when you need it most.
  • Respect for your choices and values.
  • My deep belief that you will always know what is best for yourself and your baby.
  • A class environment welcoming to all families, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, ability, size or partner status.
  • Customized follow-up material and resources based on your questions and needs.
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Lamaze Birth & Baby YOUR Way

A comprehensive seven week series filled with activities to build confidence & reduce fear.

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I am planning a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean and want to be informed and prepared.

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Labor YOUR Way

Just give me the facts – a four hour labor and birth class for practice or as a great refresher.

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Cesarean YOUR Way

I know I am birthing by Cesarean and want to learn more about my options and plan the best cesarean possible.

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Design me a custom private class

Available in three hour modules designed to cover exactly what I want

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I have a special request or need help figuring out what works best for me

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All classes are held in the Muza Education Center, 7715 24th Ave NW, Second Floor, Seattle, WA 98117 unless previously arranged.

The Muza Education Center is located in the Olympic Medical Dental Building.