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Having the right tools for the job makes everything so much easier. I only sell products that I use myself with my clients and students. You can trust that when you purchase from me, you are getting a quality product that stands up well to repeated use and does exactly what it is intended to do! My competitive prices and fast shipping mean you have what you need when you need it!

Every product I sell is what I use myself in my work as a doula and childbirth educator
  • Tested repeatedly by my clients and students.
  • Priced competitively with savings passed on to you.
  • Handmade products ethically sourced and fairly purchased.
  • Responsive shipping with tracking numbers provided for your protection.
  • Support in using your purchase if needed.
  • Many products are unique and unavailable elsewhere.
  • Free shipping in the USA!
  • Selling products for birthing families and perinatal professionals since 2004.
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Handloomed Mexican Rebozos

This Indigenous tool, ethically purchased directly from the weavers in Michoacán, Mexico, comes in two lengths.

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Magnetic Reflex Massage Balls

Laboring people find amazing comfort in these fun and effective balls for providing distraction from contractions.

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TENS Machines & Electrodes

Supported by research, this small but powerful TENS machine really helps with the pain of back labor.

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Anti-burst Exercise/Birth Balls

This ball is incredibly useful for pregnancy, labor and postpartum. You and your newborn will love it. A must have during the childbearing year!

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Birth Tub Rentals

For those birthing at home, an Aqua Doula labor tub kit comes complete with everything you need to labor and/or birth your baby in water.

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Fetal Positions Pocket Education Cards

The perfect tool to help families understand fetal positioning, Useful for doulas, MWs, L&D nurses and OBs during labor or the CBE during class

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